Quotes about Sander

Sander Teepen: versatile, with very natural communication skills. Within a few minutes, he know how to transfer his ideas of sound and phrase to the orchestra. He is one of those conductors for whom the orchestra is ready to give everything.

Sven Arne Tepl, Artistic Director, Residence Orchestra The Hague

For several years, I have had the pleasure of working together with conductor Sander Teepen. In the projects in which I performed, Sander’s immense energy and humor were very inspiring. In addition, it’s always a great feeling for a soloist when you find that a conductor has technical and musical qualities which make it possible to do, almost literally, whatever you want. I expect Sander to go far; how beautiful would it be if he would be on the rostrum at the Concertgebouw again?

Perry Hoogendijk, Solo-Tubaist, Royal Concertgebouworkest

I first worked with Sander at the Band of the Marines when I performed there as a soloist. In addition to his technical talent as conductor, he also has great empathy for those around him. He reassures those around him,and has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of positive energy.

André Heuvelman, solo trumpeter, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

I strongly recommend Sander Teepen as conductor. Sander is very musical, and his communication skills, both physical and verbal, allow him to convey his musical ideas. Sander has been following lessons since November 2011. He is clearly ready to take charge of an orchestra. In my opinion, Sander is a born conductor.

Jan Stulen, conductor